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Poised atop the Dundee Hills, with gentle slopes that capture the breezes and sunshine, our 235-acre estate overlooking the Willamette Valley produces some of the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay fruit in the world.

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End of vine rows with rocks and red clay soil
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The Drouhin Family

Estate Vineyards

Poised atop the Dundee Hills, with gentle slopes that capture the breezes and sunshine, our 235-acre estate overlooking the Willamette Valley produces some of the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay fruit in the world.

Robert Drouhin’s vision of an Oregon estate winery that could rival the great vineyards of Burgundy has been realized at DDO. From what began as test plantings of cloned Pinot Noir rootstock, Domaine Drouhin now encompasses 130 acres of hillside vineyards. Interspersed with the Pinot Noir vines are 13 acres of Chardonnay, planted at various elevations and, like in Burgundy, planted right alongside rows of Pinot Noir.

Everything planted at DDO is unique to the estate. We also have two large blocks of rootstock planted on the estate, so we can graft the cuttings onto rootstock that we have grown ourselves. We grow and plant rootstocks that we’ve learned are well suited to the specifics of our vineyard sites in terms of site elevation, soil depth, and moisture-holding capacity. In this way we can maintain the highest level of quality control over our plant material.

Our densely planted vines are farmed sustainably, L.I.V.E. certified, and tended to by hand when leaves and fruit are thinned; harvesting is also

done entirely by hand.

Our site was selected for its remarkable similarity in climate, latitude and aspect to the legendary vineyards of Burgundy.

Est. 1989

Landmark Gravity Flow Winery

All of our wines are crafted by hand in our four-level gravity flow winery built atop the Drouhin family’s 235 acre estate in the Dundee Hills of Oregon.

Our goal is to craft wines naturally with gentle treatment and minimal manipulation. It is our hope that our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay will be appreciated for their classic finesse, elegance and for the true reflection of their origin; their terroir.

Once the grapes have reached full maturity with a perfect balance between brix and acid, and fruit and tannin, they are hand-picked into small 25 pound totes, insuring the arrival of pristine, uncrushed fruit at our four-level gravity-flow winery. Everything we do in the winery is intended to preserve the unique qualities that nature provided for us in the vineyards.

Our winemaking techniques are adapted from what the Drouhin family has learned in Burgundy since 1880.

Domaine Drouhin Oregon barrels in racks
Winery crush pad at night

Active fermentations last 7-12 days, during which time the age-old Burgundian techniques of pigeage (punch-down) and remontage (pump-over) are used as means of gentle extraction. Fermentations are long and

careful and once complete, the free-run juice is moved via gravity to the third level of our winery, the barrel cellar.

Our Pinot Noir is aged in both new (20%) and neutral French Oak barrels. Barrels are custom made for us in Burgundy, using oak from France’s best forests, which we feel allows the character of the wine and vintage to show through. Once the secondary, malolactic, fermentation is complete, the wines are racked off their lees via gravity and back into barrel.

After 12-14 months in oak, Véronique selects barrels for each of our three cuvée’s and the wines are then blended and allowed to rest for several months before moving to the final level of the winery, our bottle room. At this final stage, the wines again are moved via gravity into bottle and then allowed to mature 6 to 18 months before release.

Our Oregon Team


David Millman, President & CEO

David Millman joined DDO in 2004 after a 20-year career in the music business, working for several record companies and eventually running his own public relations and marketing firm. In addition to his duties with DDO, David has served on several boards, and has been Board President of both the International Pinot Noir Celebration and Oregon Pinot Camp. He is active in supporting the Salud Auction, and frequently serves on industry committees.


Arron Bell, Asst. Winemaker & Operations Manager

Arron Bell joined DDO in July of 2002, and was promoted in 2009 to the specially created position of Assistant Winemaker & Operations Manager.  Arron is in charge of production operations, and is responsible for helping Véronique achieve her vision for each vintage.  He also regularly travels on behalf of DDO to talk about the intricacies of the Drouhin style, and what sets our wines apart.


Ashley Bell, Vice President Sales & Marketing

As a trusted voice for all things Drouhin, Ashley Bell travels nationally and internationally to represent Drouhin wines. She is in charge of Domaine Drouhin Oregon’s sales, education and marketing, and brings with her two decades of passion for the family’s commitment to excellence, in Oregon, the Cote d’Or and Chablis. Ashley is a founding member of the Dundee Hills AVA board, and will become President of Oregon Pinot Camp in 2022.


Maeghan Moss, Asst. Tasting Room Manager

Admin team

Administration Team

  • Stephanie Spangler, Hospitality Administrative Assistant
  • Kateland Harvey, Marketing & Direct Sales Manager
  • Dyane Savino, Wine Club & Shipping Manager
  • MaryAnn Coon, Office & Logistics Manager
  • Megan Davison, Administrative Coordinator
Group of people with wine glasses

Hospitality Team

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